If you’re a parent, you want reassurance, information and inspiration. You need the support of your workplace and community. If you’re a teacher or social service professional, you’re looking for new ways to collaborate with families and guide them effectively. And if you’re an employer, business leader, or policy maker, you’d like actionable ideas for creating social change. There is nothing more important than this work. Nothing is more important than the success of a parent. On this all our future depends. That is why I dedicate every day to helping you.



If your next event requires a presentation that is entertaining as well as substantive, memorable but also inspiring, and tailored to your organization’s specific needs and sensitivities, then please give me a call.


Your company or organization can support its employees and constituents and can be a force for progress in your community through family and parenting seminars, workplace assistance, new programs, and in-house training. I have expertise in the development of human potential and in what motivates individuals to achieve. Ask me in to help.


Being a parent is hard and the information out there can be confusing. You need a mentor who recognizes your efforts, who provides sensible ideas based on solid research, and who lets you make the final decisions yourself. I can help you through my individual coaching, small group presentations, and teleseminars and conference calls. Let’s get in touch.

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Parenting: A Field Guide

My new book, Parenting: A Field Guide, describes how to identify your own family goals and values and presents commonsense ideas to consider in raising your children. Let this book be your expert companion from toddlers to teens.